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  Adults & Retired Breeders Available

Retired cats can make excellent companions...
Here is Denver at 14 years of age!

Retired Breeder Available

Abracadabra : beautiful retired breeder born June 2012. She needs a special home since she tends to be a little unpredictable in her mood and needs a familly with no kids that has patience and experience with cats. Though usually affectionate and loves to be petted, she does not tolerate being restrained which can be a challenge for grooming and claw clipping. .

Also, she is healthy as can be but since I get my cats DNA tested, I know she caries one copy of the gene causing HCM in Ragdolls. Most cats who are positive hets remain healthy and do not develop any symptoms, but there are a few that do.



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Isabelle Bellavance
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