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Pet kittens:

1,350$ : Includes spay/neuter, all kitten shots (8, 12 et 16 weeks in addition to rabies), microchip (AVID-ISO), individual registration (CFA), 2 year health guarantee, parents DNA tested for feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), and all sales taxes. Kittens are usually ready to leave for their new families after 16 weeks of age. The kittens leave with their health records including medical history and vaccination certificates, all administered by licenced veterinarians. You will also be provided with a supply of Royal Canin food that your kitten has been used to.

The purchase process usually involves a few telephone or e-mail exchanges in order to answer any questions you may have, and allow us to get to know each other. If you decide to write, in addition to your questions, please tell us a little about you, your familly (2 ans 4 legged), your past experience with cats or other animals, as well as any needs or expectations you may have for a futur pet. If possible, we encourage a visit before you actually make a deposit for a reservation so that you can meet some of our Ragdolls in the flesh. The following is the typical purchase process and payment distribution:

  • An initial deposit of 200$ is required to make a reservation and be on our wait list.

  • A second deposit of 300$ is required at the time you make your actual selection among the kittens. This takes place AFTER the kittens have seen the vet at least once and received their first innoculations, and usually takes place when they are about 9 weeks old.
    Note that deposits are NON REFUNDABLE should you cancel your reservation or decide not to purchase the kitten agreed upon (unless, of course, something happens to the kitten whilst in our care).

  • The average wait for a kitten is 6 - 12 months. You may be Lucky and get yours more quickly, or may have to wait a little more depending on your selection criteria or availability in years where we have small litters and a longer waiting list. Generally, we have fewer kittens available in the fall and winter and more babies born in the spring and summer.

  • The final payment of 850$ is due at the time the kitten leaves for their new home.

Show quality kittens:
1,550 to 1,800$: Superior quality kitten with show type and markings according to the breed standard. The kitten can be shown in the alter class and be expected to attain it's Premiership title. Includes all the same things as the pet kittens above. Kitten is sold already spayed or neutered. Two initial deposits are also the same as for pets, the balance is payable at time of kitten delivery.

Show/Breeding kittens:
3,000$: Kitten with an excellent show potential and sold unneutered with breeding rights. Kitten is sold with all of it's first year shots including rabies and ISO microchip. The kittens themselves are DNA tested for HCM or come from two parents that were tested negative. Any other fees associated with the import/export of the kittens, such as permits, titers, international health certificates or any shipping fees are extra.

Young adults:
650 to 950$: cats varying in age from 11 months to 3 years of age. Cats are sold neutered and shots up to date. Prices vary according to age of the cat and other particulars.

Retired breeders:
250 to 450$: adult cats which have been retired from breeding for various reasons. Cats are always sold already neutered.

Other fees and discounts:

  • Delivery: as a service, it is possible to deliver your cat or kitten directly to your home, as long as it is within an hour or so from the Montréal area. Fees of 50$ for gas and time are applicable.

  • Freight/Cargo: For those living further, it is possible to ship your cat or kitten. We use Air Canada as our main shipping company ( In addition to a fee of 50$ for the required health certificat and another 50$ for the airline approuved pet carrier, please refer to Air Canada's price list for shipping from Montréal to the city closest to you.( Note that at some times of the year, shipping may be subject to embargos caused by extreme températures or other variables.

  • Boarding: Following the selection of your kitten, we will be in touch as to when your kitten will be ready to leave. This typically takes place at around 16 weeks of age. We are somewhat flexible to accomodate both our Schedule and yours over a 10 day period or so. However, over this time span, we will need to charge boarding fees of 25$ per week.

  • Discounts: When purchasing more than one pet kitten at the same time, a discount of 100$ is offered on the second kitten.



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