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Our Ambassadors

Here are some of my babies in their permanent homes.

All are treasured and loved and give back ten-fold what the love they receive.

Perhaps these are cats that live next door or down the street. Still quite rare in Quebec, they are slowly growing in popularity.

If you are currently sharing your home with a Kébékat Ragdoll kitty, please send in pictures so we can keep the rest of the family up to date and add a new star to the roster.


This season's roster:


Hi Isabelle,
Simba is doing super well! The first day he was quite quiet and did not leave his room, but he didn’t cry or seem frightened. He ate that night and by the next day was ready to explore the next room and venture halfway down stairs. The dog is being very good. He is curious but is allowing Simba to call the shots and set the rules for limits. I did what you said about letting him sniff the kitten without Simba seeing him. So far Simba has been capricious, sometimes coming right up to him and touching him with his nose, other times ignoring him and hissing if he comes too close. Polo is respectful and backs off immediately. it’s very funny to see. But most of the time Simba stays upstairs and the dog never comes up so they are for the most part leading parallel lives.

He loves watching me work and walking around my desk. I am fine with that but have to watch that he does not walk across the computer keys. Sometimes he curls up behind the computer screen and you really can’t see him, so for 15 minutes today I was running around looking for him and couldn’t find him, so got very anxious. It was the last place I looked and there he was, very happy. In the evening he sits with me watching TV and gets massaged and stroked and seems divinely happy. I know I am!

I thought he would miss all the other cats and be lonely, but he seems very confident and self-possessed and as if he has been here a long time. He’s adorable and well worth the wait. thank you so much! Barb

Hi Isabelle,
Thank you very much, this is awesome!
Gaga and Fleur are doing very well, and following me from room to room in my tiny apartment. Fleur cries when she couldn't locate me. Gaga likes cuddling, and I always find her next to my pillow at night.

Hi Isabel
You may want to know how she doing. And I really want to share my joy! So I send you some photos
She is so gorgeous and lovely. She's doing very well yesterday and today. She hid under our bed yesterday but came out and play with us this morning.
She was looking at me speaking all the time with her sweet girly voice. My heart was melted by it.

She did very well when we took her to the vet. People there all love her. There were 2 girls with their ragdoll, they took a little video on Sinia. She's so gorgeous that I even start think take her to a show! By the way Sinia want me tell you she love you too.

Tina Wang

Jacques is doing awesome. Yesterday there was quite an adjustment period between he and Pierre. Pierre was not quite ready to open up his home to another kitty. Today was much better. Jacques and Pierre were actually snuggling tonight. It was so cute.

I appreciate all you have done and hope to maybe get a 3rd kitty in a few years!!! We absolutely love the breed and I am so happy that we found a breeder that we trust.

PS... here is Pierre and Jacques sharing a moment

They are so cute together. Pierre has been licking and grooming him. They are perfect! Here is a picture of the 2 of them admiring the
new roof!!!!



Dear Auntie Isabelle,
I am now 7 years old and feel like a kittie. I caught a huge mouse the other night .. But it kept Mum and Dad awake until I was finished playing with it.... I think mummy was a bit irritable because I played with it for at least 3 hours before I finally ( you know what) .
I am a bit overweight and that nasty vet ( Hannah Macormick ) put me on a diet !
I love tinned tuna ( the kind my Mum eats ) and she just can't resist looking at my mournful face while she eats.. She ALWAYS gives in!
I have this recent Penchant for climbing and running until I am exhausted . Mum thinks I am bored .... But I love racing around knocking over everything as it gets her into,such a tizzy. She doesn't even know that ragdolls can laugh!!! Honestly I don't know what comes over me !
My cousin ( Abigail Betsy Ross) a Scottie is coming all the way from Seattle with their Mum and Dad and a new baby ( whatever that is ). I wonder if Abigail will do as she is told. After all this is MY summer home. I am a very well behaved ragdoll except for one problem.
Every time the screen door opens I try to escape has gloriously happened 3 times and I just love how Mum makes a fool of herself( crying and screaming and waking the neighbours until they get roped into catching me ). Her favourite byline is " he is an indoor cat ". What the heck is an indoor cat! Honestly it is sosossosososo unatural.
Must go and watch Dad empty the squirrel traps... If he would just let me out I would finish them off for him ( silly Dad ) . Red squirrels are wonderfully entertaining .But they chew their way into everything .
Best wishes Auntie , ( I know you understand me better )
Until next year , Admiral Sutton


Hi Isabelle,
Jolie has taken very well in her new home in Florida. We love her.
Here are some pictures I took this morning. Ill send you pics of Tiger when I get back to Montreal.
Jeffrey Sole


She has decided that this dish on our coffee table is the perfect size for her!
Little Girl is such a girly girl from her meows to her facial expressions!

Hi Isabelle
I thought I'd send you a photo of Astèrix taken on Friday, his third birthday. He had spent the afternoon at the groomers. He is in great form, a happy healthy little guy. Last Sunday I posted a photo of him on a cat sanctuary website in the UK and surprisingly got 59 likes and some favourable comments about him being so handsome.
He is an enigma though. He is very well behaved at the groomers but will only tolerate me combing his fur for a few seconds. He, however, lets me brush his teeth. He prefers the poultry flavoured toothpaste. He doesn't drink from his dish but only from the faucet. This was challenging when Montreal was on a boil water alert last summer. He is not a lap cat but is more like a dog following me and is always nearby. He even eats like a dog, all at once and not free feeding like Muffin. This comes in handy when it's time to brush his teeth before he goes down for the night. He is13 lb. I put him in a backpack with wheels when I take him out as he is too heavy for me to carry. All in all, I'm so happy to have him.
Hope you and your little guy are well and in form.
Take care.


Hi Isabelle

There was a fundraiser for Canine Companions at my Vet’s office over the weekend and I brought Iris in for a photo with “Santa Paws”. She was the only feline there and stole the show! People with dogs were saying how gorgeous she is.

Thought you would enjoy this shot of her with St Nick!

Best wishes,

Elaine Ferrara

Hello Isabelle, 
Just a few words to let you know how Finn is doing. Firstly, I must say he is a delight! He's spunky, playful, silly, and a joy to have in our household! This is definitely a credit to his momma, (Isabelle), for bringing him up the right way! He loves to tease Mick, my older guy, and likes to follow him around -- it's very cute to watch. As I mentioned in my other email, my canine girl, Sasha, still has her nose out of joint and is very curious about Finn. But with time, all will be well in our household.

So all of us here (canines + felines, Finn as well) send hugs, licks and wags your way.
Will keep you posted! Take care,
Janet, Cassie, Mick, Sasha + Finn

Hello Isabelle! Here's a picture of beautiful Gigi. She is such a delight, brings us so much joy! She is quite the explorer, and loves to eat. No fussiness when it comes to food! :)



I'm including a pic of Jazz and Bizou in one of their favorite chairs,Bizou has tear duck issues so his eye is a bit runny....but other than that its a sweet picture of the two of them!!!

Bizou and Mylah,Bizou and Jazz,and dear sweet Jazz by herself.....enjoy!! 
Karen Lewis

Hi Isabelle!

Heres an update:
Jacob is doing good, he ate a little food this morning before i left for school. He has been sleeping alot, although it is kind of hard sleeping when he has Edward around him all the time lol. Edward is obsessed with Jacob! He looooooves him and wants his attention and wants to play with him! Im sure once Jacob gets use to us they will become best friends! But for now, Jacob does not really acknowledge Edward which is kind of cute to see how Edward goes out of his ways and gets no satisfaction. Hehe

Apart from that, Jacob has warmed up to me... as soon as i touch him he instantly purrs and he licks my hand! Hes doing good with my son too, he watches him play. My husband thinks Jacob is beautiful. He really is a soft, kind, calm and peaceful boy and you can feel it when he rubs on you he is so gentle.

I really love him, and im sure that when he warms up to everyone else he will be a big part of our little family!

Thank you so much for everything and i will keep you updated and also send you pictures over time. :-)

Thank you for giving us a new family member!
Stephanie Vandal

Hi Isabelle,
It is so hard to believe we have had the beautiful Miss Kailey a whole year
already! She had her annual check up yesterday and is doing just fine.
Only a little over 9 pounds, but doing great. She has come a long way in a year
and is the love of our lives. She and Bella play together a lot now, and
Kailey follows Bella around when they are out on their leashes. They don't
love the snow, so they are not going too far these days.

Take care of yourself, and stay warm!!
Thanks so much for our sweet little girl, she is very special!

Hi Isabelle,
We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year. I hope you are doing well! I am sure the anticipation of your little bundle of joy is the best gift ever!

Miss Kailey is doing fantastic. She and Bella both like the Christmas trees, but Kailey steals more of the ornaments. She has to be the sweetest cat I have ever had. She spends a lot of time in our laps now, and we just love it! I can not believe we will have had her a year the end of next month. I sure can't imagine life without the two of them. 

Thank you so much for out precious little girl!

Hope you have very happy holidays!
Meowey Christmas!
Kathy, Steve, Bella and Kailey


Hi There
Just to let you know that our new baby is just fine. :)
It was only dirt, deep in her ear cavity so that is good... and the vet cleaned them out so we are all set.
He said that she is good and healthy with a nice temperament and her heart sounds really strong.
I also asked about the food and he went to research it but he feeds his cats that also and says that it is a healthy food and preventative at the same time. Fozzie let her get up on the bed with him this morning....wicked!! I think he is coming around. :)

Thank you again.


Hi Isabelle,
Hope all is going well for you and all your little ones. It is hard to believe summer is over and winter is sneaking up on us. I can’t believe we have had Kailey for eight awesome months.
She has turned out to be quite the little characterJ. Her little mind is always thinking about what she can do next. She loves to play and will play by her self now, and she still carries many of the toys in her mouth and brings them upstairs during the night. She is very athletic and runs and jumps all over the house! I love the way she ambushes Bella or us, and rears up on her hind legs with her front paws out and jumps at you! 
She has gained a pound and she is absolutely beautiful, in full coat and mane. I tried to get a nice picture for you, but she won’t sit still long enough. I will keep trying and send you one if I can get it.
We were away recently for 11 days. It was very hard for me to leave the girls, but our neighbors took very good care of them and they did very well. Kailey has been sleeping with us since we got home. She has also become a bit of a lap cat. She often joins me to watch TV in the evening, and I am loving it!! She is one of the sweetest and most entertaining kitties we have ever had, and we just love her!!!!!
Will you be coming down to the cat show in January? I hope we get to see you and some of your adorable kitties. 
Hope all is well.
Kathy, Steve, Bella and Kailey


Hi Isabelle,

Just wanted to send an email and update you on the kitties. Firstly, I really like seeing the new kittens on your website. It must be such an exciting time with all the little ones around the house.

Galley is still my little superstar. At the ACFA show in April he got 2nd Best of the Best. He got 2 1sts, 2 2nds and a 5th. Not bad for an old guy eh?? He just turned 7 in March and still looks and acts like a youngster.

Myra is still doing very well. She is a typical old lady, and wants everything her way. I try to accomodate as much as I can... :) She does tend to let the grooming go a little, so I am grooming her more often to make up for it. Her coat seems a little greasier now, so she gets a few more baths than she used to need.

Bobb is doing very well and nothing is slowing him down at all. He can be a little pest to the girls, but typical for a young boy I guess. They keep him in line though.

Ranger is just beautiful and has turned into a huge handsome boy. I really do love his gentle nature, but he continues to not want to be picked up off the ground. In every other way he has come a long way, but he has not gotten over this one particular thing. I have tried and tried, many different methods, etc. Because of this I have made the hard decision to not show him anymore. I find it hard to take a cat to the shows that is so stressed by being picked up. It was a hard decision, as the reason I bought him was for another show cat, but he is not turning out to be that cat.

Thanks Isabelle, and don't think I am giving up on Ragdolls. I hope to always have them in my house, and to show them.


Thanks for the updates on Kailey’s parents. Kiss is one of the prettiest cats ever!

The girls are easy to keep looking pretty. A little brush or comb is about all I do. Kailey sheds a little more than Bella, but I think she is a little softer. They are napping now after their big walk around the yard. I kind of like that they are both familiar with the yard incase either of them accidentally got out, they can find there way back to food and kissesJ I will give them kisses from you!!



Sent: Sat, May 22, 2010 12:42:43 PM
Subject: Thank you

Hi Isabelle,

Hope this finds you and all your furry friends doing well. Thank you so much for sending the papers for TB (Miss Kailey). I had fun last weekend looking on your website to see who her parents are. Both cats are beautiful, but Kiss of Faith is gorgeous!! What a sweet face!! I can see where Kailey gets her good looks.

She is doing great overall and continues to keep us very entertained. She sleeps with us some nights now, but always comes up to bring us a toy at 3:00am. I just pat her and rub her tummy till one of us falls asleep. She is so precious, and love seeing the two girls together. Most days the get along well, but they have their moments.

I think I told you that Bella goes out on a leash and harness with us, as she was a stray and wanted to be outside. Kailey does not like it when Bella is out, and sits at the screen door and howls. I finally got a harness and leash for Kailey and tried taking her out with Bella. Miss Kailey is not getting the hang of the leash as quickly as Bella did, but she loves to be out. She rolls in the grass and pounces on bugs. She and Bella both love to sit in the windows and watch the birds. 

Here is a picture of our pretty girls!

Thanks again for sending the papers.
Take care,


Hi Isabelle,
Thank you for getting back to me and for all the information on the wet food. TB seems to only like one flavor so far (Salmon), but eats the whole thing when we put it out for them.

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but my Laptop has not been working for almost two weeks, I was lost without it. It is a good thing I had a crazy new kitten to keep me entertained.

We have decided to give TB a new household name which it Kebe Kailey. We seem to be calling her just Kailey most of the time. She is doing extremely well and she and Bella seem to be doing okay. They have had their moments, when a hiss occurs and the paws get raised, but not that often. They touch noses and still do some sniffing, and I have found them sleeping only 3-4 feet from each other. They are still finding their way with each other, and seem to want to play and be friends, but haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet!

Kailey is absolutely nuts! She investigates everything, runs around the house like crazy, and follows us where ever we go. She takes all her toys and drags them around the house and then hides them behind my chair. She runs up to bed with us at night and snuggles for about 15 mintutes, then sleeps under the foot of the bed. She gets up about 3am, goes downstairs, gets a toy, drags it upstairs and leaves it at the foot of the bed. The last two mornings, she has gone back to sleep on the bed. She loves Stephen, and follows him every where, he loves it!!!

We adore her, and I think she is very happy here. She has discovered the birds on the deck, and enjoys watching them. Every day she finds new mischief to get into. I have had to move many of my plants to new heights so she doesn’t try to eat them. She is a very funny girl! Last night she got a hold of Stephen’s lunch box and was pulling down the hall, I think she thinks she is much bigger than she is!

Hope all is well with you and you are surviving this rather long winter. We are getting a little snow right now, but not much.

Take care,

Hi Isabelle,

All I can say is that she is just a little love! She is so sweet. 

Saturday night we put her in bed with us and she just stayed all night. When I moved a little, she reached over and made sure her paw was touching me! Sunday we had to go out for a few hours and we left her alone in the house - she didn't move! She did recognize the scratching post and jumped into it. Sunday night I got her to eat some dry cat food out of my hand and she has urinated into her litter box everyday. She has not produced any poops yet though.

Yesterday we both had to work and she stayed in the same spot all day - a corner of our bedroom. Once I got home, I dug her out and made her play with me. Then she took more food from my hand and water from my palm. She also let me comb her. After I went to sleep last night, Bill got her to play, eat, and drink water from one of our bowls (she evidently does not like the one we bought her). She also used her litter box and then came to sleep with us again!

This morning she came to me when I called her! A first! She sometimes likes to sleep on her scratching post which we have placed next to the French doors that have southern exposure. She also likes to curl up on my lap in front of the fireplace and she just purrs and kneads her paws.

We have an appointment with the vet for her tomorrow afternoon if the weather permits. We are supposed to get a substantial snow storm. Of course I noticed that her records are entirely in French! I asked the vet if anyone there could translate and they said probably not. Fortunately, my best friend is a retired French teacher who is going to go with me and translate!

I also found Mannequin's picture on your website so we emailed and texted all of our kids, extended family, friends, and coworkers to see our beautiful new kitty.
Once we get her settled in, I think we will look for another cat to keep her company when we are at work, unless she prefers to be the spoiled little only child that she is right now!

What a sweet, easy-going disposition this cat has! I just love her to death already!

Thank you for letting us adopt her!
Patty Weiss


Hi Isabelle,
I have just been enjoying your redesigned web site (at least redesigned since I last visited!) So nice to be able to see the pedigrees and "family" pics. 

It has been awhile since we chatted; hope all is well with you and that you are still surrounded by the sound of purring! The little seal bicolour who arrived at Halifax airport in a frigid snowstorm in Feb '08 has grown into a huge (21 lbs) and gorgeous big boy! Bentley has lots of personality and is a hit with everyone who meets him. I will attach a few pics of Benley and one with Gracie laughing her head off!

Cathy Longard 


Hey Isabelle,
well, the kitties third birthday is today !!! Hard to believe it has been that long. They are doing well and wild as ever. They have been good kitties and are growing up nicely. They said to tell you hello !! Here are some pics i took today .


Hi, Isabelle.
Here is a funny photo of beautiful Iris who is doing well – she is quite the bully of the house demanding attention on her terms. In addition to her stubbornness, she is also very loyal and loves going to bed at night and sleeping at my feet until she wakes up with the birds and demands that I also get up. When you play with her with a wand she actually spits at it. Everyone that comes into the house remarks what pretty eyes she has.
Hope all is well with you and all of your beautiful ragdolls.

Elaine Ferrara



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